Supplier Focus - Perfidious Jewellery


Welcome to the next instalment of our supplier focus blog series. Here we are looking at another awesome supplier who will be with us on the 3rd March. We spoke to Lisa from Perfidious Jewellery about how you can add something with a bit of sparkle to your wedding day.


Business name:

Perfidious Jewellery

Business owner: 

Lisa Ward


Tell us the story of your business and how long has it been running

“I’ve always created things, thanks to a very artistic mum, and I started making jewellery in my teens after I found a bead shop in Manchester, and felt inspired. It was a natural progression from making my own jewellery, to making it for friends at university, to selling at local craft fairs. A few years ago I discovered Etsy, and went worldwide! That's about twenty years of making, but only about seven or so years of working in earnest.”

Where did your business name inspiration come from?

“A lot of people ask about the Perfidious part! As a teenager I joined an online role play group, and I wanted a character name starting with a P. I flicked  through the dictionary, and named my assassin after “Perfidious, something which looks appealing to conceal deceit, the rose that hides the thorns”. That became a nickname, and I just started to trade under it. It's unusual, and memorable! “


What is special about your service?

“Wedding jewellery often ticks a certain box, you get necklaces, earrings, cuff links, hair accessories… I do those, but it's my stick pins which provide people with another way to accessorise, a different type of keepsake. They're worn on lapels, ties, hats, wraps, shawls, dress sashes, bouquet ribbons… Gents get something extra, and ladies can add something unusual to their day. Stick pins are also something people tell me they continue to use, rather than being put in a safe place after the wedding and only coming out on special occasions. Unlike cuff links or delicate earrings, a stick pin can easily be worn with an everyday outfit, your own little reminder of a special day.”

What can couples expect from you and your business?

“Every piece of work I create I'm proud of, and couples can expect the same attention to detail whether they order a single ready-made piece, or a full custom set. I love working back and forth when couples see a piece of my work but want their own spin on it, adding extra details, or paring it back. At each stage I ping over photos of options, illustrations of design variants, and fold into those the couple’s feedback, so the end result is always just what's wanted.”

What is your most memorable wedding moment?

“Rainbows! A gent was planning a colourful wedding, where the grooms and their wedding party each had a different colour for their waistcoat and tie. They had let people pick a colour they actually wanted to wear, which made it personal as well setting a rainbow theme. It was so enjoyable matching beads to these colours, while knowing each one was a personal choice, all adding up to something so bright and cheerful.“

What makes your business stand out from the crowd?

“Skulls, bright colours, teapots, wings, my work apparently spoke for itself from the start, as it was people ordering my jewellery for weddings that clued me into the niche it fills. Rather than focusing on “hmm, what do people want for weddings?”, I just create unusual accessory choices, in unusual designs, which means they're perfect for people planning unusual weddings!”

IMG_6038 edited.JPG

What is the most quirky wedding idea you have seen?

“I have to nod here to my friends Ed and Anne, who had an unusual choice of keepsake for each guest… A mystery Lego figure on our table setting! It gave everyone something to talk about as we opened them up, built them, created little scenes during dinner, then through the evening we all started playing swapsies to create new figures. Great fun. “

Who and what inspires you and your business?

“Although I'm not a colourful person in appearance (my husband jokes about how much brown I wear) I find that colour really shifts my moods, so finding and creating moments of colour is always a joy. Death is also something which fascinates me, and how we think of it, represent it, mourn, grieve. This may sound strange, but memento mori go way back, the little reminders to live your best life, as one day you will die. YOLO is just today's way of stating that. These both creep into what I make, spots of colour, beautiful or bold skulls, often the two combined! My jewellery is quietly a message to delight in the small things, the little joys.“

What is it you love about the wedding industry?

“I'm fairly new to the wedding scene, but everything I've encountered so far shows me an increasingly diverse and welcoming industry. As more couples want to break away from the norm in some way, suppliers for everything you can think of are serving their needs, and now directories and events are supporting them. Day of the dead themed? We can do that. Superheroes, but still traditional to the untrained eye? We can do that. It's beautiful how some areas of the industry are reflecting what couples want, not just the trends.”

What are you most looking forward to about exhibiting at Tying the Nott?

“Most of my interactions are online, so getting face to face with couples will be a great opportunity to see some smiles and chatter in a more relaxed way. I’m also looking forward to discussing my jewellery with people who are looking at it, yet not interested in buying it. This may sound odd, but I'd love to know if there's a trick I'm missing to grab their interest too.”

  Any exciting plans for the future of your business you would like to share?

“Perfidious Jewellery is going through exciting times at the moment, as I'm finding new groups to work with and new events to go to, embracing the wedding side my customers have woken me up to. If you look me up on social media, I've got some collaborative give aways planned in the future with wedding related folks, so keep an eye out!”

Where can couples find you?

Don’t miss out! Make sure to check out all this beautiful jewellery up close and also see what all our other suppliers have to offer at Tying The Nott. Grab your tickets now here.

Caroline Walsh