Supplier Focus- Stephanie Butt Photography


Welcome to the next instalment of our supplier focus blog series. Here we are looking at another awesome photographer who will be with us on the 3rd March. The lovely Steph was also involved in our Tying The Nott photoshoot (see if you can spot one of our trademark colourful images!)

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Business name:

Stephanie Butt Photography

Business owner: 

Stephanie Butt

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Tell us the story of your business and how long has it been running

“I have had a camera since, actually, I can't remember! I remember as a child having a fun little sticker polaroid and chasing my cats around snapping away. I've always been creative and have wanted to be a photographer from a young age, I went to uni to study the world of cameras and how to make pretty things with them! It wasn't until 4 years of working in a family studio I realised I wanted to photograph people outside that room. This is where my journey of wedding photography began. A friend asked me to photograph her wedding and I knew this is where I wanted to be! Nearly 3 years later I'm here, yay! I get to capture moments in time that get cherished for years to come, how amazing is that?!?!”

Where did your business name inspiration come from?

“When you have the surname Butt, it's got to go in your business name! It's not a name you forget easily haha “


What is special about your service?

“I am passionate about what I do. I know so many people say this, but it's true! On the day you'll see me doing 80's power ballad fist clench as I look at the back of my camera. I know how important your wedding photos are, these are your memories for the rest of your lives together. So I will make sure we have a laugh together, your relaxed with me and trust me. I try my best to make you special.”

What can couples expect from you and your business?

“You won't see any robotic posing or white washed filters from me! I am all about being creative, colourful and fun when it comes to your wedding photography! I want to capture you and your story! So I won't be dragging you away from your friends and family for hours on end, I want you to enjoy the day and have a bloomin' good celebration!”

What is your most memorable wedding moment?

“Honestly, I can't pick one moment. Every couple I have photographed has been different and wonderful for different reasons. I love seeing the emotion in the room at the moment you say 'I do'. I love the fun and colour of your loved ones showering you in confetti. I love the moments you get to hang out with your guests and have a laugh; I love the moments you spend together and I get to capture the moments of our love and joy... I love weddings! “

What makes your business stand out from the crowd?

“COLOUR & FUN!!! Also, who else can get away with having Butt in their business name?!? You can chat to me about anything, literally anything and I'm pretty sure we will be chatting for hours! I love meeting new people, getting to know them and hearing all your stories! I will apologise if I chat about my cats, I'm a bit of a crazy cat lady! When it comes to your wedding photos, I make sure every image is edited individually, with all the colour, love and fun captured in it!”


What is the most quirky wedding idea you have seen?

“I love looking at blogs, seeing all the different weddings out there! Again there hasn't been one thats stood out, to be honest, the ideas I have for my own wedding are pretty out there! Imagine 80's top of the pops; street food; great British bake off; industrial unit; neon lights; cocktails; kitties and colour colour everywhere! “

Who and what inspires you and your business?

“You inspire my business. Every couple who comes to me with their ideas and plans for their wedding day. I get so excited, I start imagining how it will turn out! I follow the work of many amazing photographers who constantly inspire me to be a better photographer and be more creative. I'm always trying to think outside the box! “

What is it you love about the wedding industry?

“What isn't to love??? I get to work with amazing couples, meet their awesome friends and family and capture gorgeous memories. It's not another day in the office, every day is different. Along with working with awesome couples, I get to work with other amazing business owners! Helping inspire and support one another is a great feeling to have!”

What are you most looking forward to about exhibiting at Tying the Nott?

“I am looking forward to meeting some amazing, fun and creative couples. This unique fair will definitely be a great place for couples to meet my quirky little self! Also I get to meet suppliers who are different and fun, just like me!”

Where can couples find you? 

Don’t miss out! Make sure to check out the beautiful work Steph and all our other suppliers have to offer at Tying The Nott. Grab your tickets now here.

Caroline Walsh