Supplier Focus- Caroline Goosey Photography


Welcome to the third instalment of our  blog series where we will be talking with some of our very talented suppliers. We hope to show you a bit more about what the have to offer and what to expect from these talented lot when attending Tying The Nott wedding fair on the 3rd March 2019!

Today we spoke to one of our amazing photographers about the wonderful world of capturing weddings!


Business name: Caroline Goosey Photography
Business owner: Caroline Goosey



 Tell us the story of your business and how long has it been running

" I started a facebook page to share my photographs in August 2014. In early 2015 I started getting a few family bookings, and literally a week after my first booking I discovered I was pregnant. So photography took a back seat until 2 years ago, when a friend asked me to photograph her wedding. Since then I've mainly been shooting families, but my heart is with wedding photography. In just a couple of short years I've honed my style and I love working with quirky, creative couples."

Where did your business name inspiration come from?

"   No prizes for guessing – it's just my name. I wanted something clear and concise, yet flexible."


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What is special about your product / service?

"  I hate posing people! Instead I have a unique approach that allows couples time and space to relax, to just be themselves while I snap away. During the build up to the big day I like to get to know the people I'm working with, so I'll take them out for a coffee/beer and a chat. By the time the wedding rolls around I'm like any other wedding guest.."


What can couples expect from you and your business?

" I'm not a Slick Rick. I break rules, I get friendly with couples, I have a laugh while I'm working and I don't take myself too seriously. I just don't know how to be any other way. I also pour my heart and soul into my work to make sure I send couples away totally happy with what they've got from me."


What is your most memorable wedding moment?

" I love it when the bride and groom get the official paperwork bit of the marriage out the way before the wedding celebration. It usually means they have a short but sweet humanist type ceremony on the day itself. I especially love it when, during the speeches, they tell everyone they've actually already been married for a week."



What is the most quirky wedding idea you have seen?

"I was a photographer at a wedding in a rural backyard in France last summer. It was amazing! It was DIY to the core, and we all camped in a nearby field for two nights, so it was just an epic party. The bride made her own dress, as well as the groom's bowtie and button holes. The families chipped in and bought a vat of wine from a local vineyard and allowed guests to help themselves. Guests folded napkins and hung festoon lights in the morning, and the morning after we were woken by the smell of fresh croissants and coffee."


 Who and what inspires you and your business?

"My photography style is enormously shaped by the framing in tv programmes (Mad Men and Mr Robot are fab). Business wise, I look to other photographers who are where I want to be in a couple of years time – like Anna Pumer and Lisa Devlin – people who nail their colours to the mast straightaway and know what makes them different."


 What is it you love about being in the wedding industry?

" I think it's a tough industry to break into. You have find your niche and made some like minded friends. We're an industry of sole traders, which can be hella lonely at times, but we're the bees knees at making friends quickly."



 What are you looking forward to most about exhibiting at Tying the Nott?

" I can't wait to meet alternative brides and grooms! I'm planning to have a colourful, quirky stand filled with all kinds of treats.."



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