Supplier Focus- Flipside Bride


Welcome to our new blog series where we will be talking with some of our very talented suppliers. We hope to show you a bit more about what the have to offer and what to expect from these talented lot when attending Tying The Nott wedding fair on the 3rd March 2019!

To start with we spoke to Kerri from Flipside Bride about why she is returning to Tying The Nott.


Business name: Flipside Bride
Business owner: Kerri Williams


 Tell us the story of your business and how long has it been running

"Hi I’m Kerri, chief mischief maker at Flipside Bride.
I create quirky bouquets, buttonholes and accessories for non-traditional couples. I work with a
diverse range of materials including vegan friendly felt, Lego pieces, charms, beads, papers and a
LOT of glitter!

After a bit of a life changing accident, and the swift arrival of our crazy headed daughter, my
perspective totally changed. I’d had a big wake up call and decided to live life to the fullest. I walked away from a highly stressful corporate job and embraced the realm of glittery weddings!
Flipside Bride officially launched at the National Wedding show at the NEC, in 2016. Before that I’d been flirting around the edges of the creative world, but decided it was time to commit. Although launching at one of the largest wedding shows in the UK was a bit daunting, it worked out amazingly well. I’ll be exhibiting there again in September this year."



Where did your business name inspiration come from?

"The name Flipside Bride and my logo came from the first sample buttonhole I made. I sat down one day and wanted to create something totally different to the traditional/fluffy/floral buttonholes that are splattered all over the web. I made a list of things I love – red and black, rockabilly, sugar skulls, tattoos and polka dots. It was a friend who suggested Flipside, to show I’m the opposite to traditional wedding suppliers. I added the Bride and everything snowballed from there."

What is special about your product / service?

"My couples want something different, that’s personal to them. In a cookie cutter wedding industry, ceremonies can sometimes feel so impersonal – that’s where I come in. I listen to their hobbies, loves and likes, and turn them into something utterly unique."


What can couples expect from you and your business?

"I'm an interactive pixie. I love capturing whisps of design ideas from chats with couples, and turning them into utterly unique creations. It's a highly collaborative process, and they're involved every glitter covered step of the way.

A Flipside Bride is a kindred spirit. From the moment they enquire, they receive a very personal, bespoke design experience.  Each quote I create is utterly unique to them, thoughtful and honest. When they place an order I provide a welcome pack, with the information they need to feel reassured and excited. Flipside Brides receive regular updates on the progress of their creations, allowing us to shape their pieces as we go. I see myself as the Brides fairy goth mother - here to make her dreams come true."


What is your most memorable wedding moment?

"Sadly I rarely get to go to my couples weddings (I miss out on a lot of cake!) but I love seeing the photos from their big day. My favourite moment is when I hand deliver an order, and the bride sees her bouquet for the first time. That split second when her eyes light up and breath catches. I’ve had brides hug me, cry, do a happy dance and swear like a sailor (in a good way, obvs.)"


What is the most quirky wedding idea you have seen?

"A gorgeous exotic dancer once asked me to create bouquet with teeny willies on it. Sadly her engagement was called off before I could make 25 anatomically correct knobs.

At the moment I’m loving mash up weddings. Dr Who and Star wars is a good pairing, that I’ve worked on a few times this year. You can really add in some gorgeous details, that look great in photos – mini lightsabers, Lego, badges, charms and even sonic screwdrivers."


 Who and what inspires you and your business?

"I draw inspiration from so many places. Tim Burton is an utter God, I love a bit of Disney sparkle, Rockabilly, Gothbilly (look it up), and 1950s styling.

If Tim Burton made a dark and twisty film with Johnny Depp playing Elvis, I’d pass out with joy."


 What is it you love about being in the wedding industry?

"I get to help people that the traditional wedding industry alienates. At fairs I’m surrounded by tattooed lovelies with rainbow hair. My job is just the perfect balance of creativity and socialising."



 What are you looking forward to most about exhibiting at Tying the Nott?

"I had a great time last year, where I exhibited as part of The Glitter Girls Collective. The fair had a great vibe, with no pretention, lots of giggles and really friendly suppliers."

 Any exciting plans for the future of your business you would like to share?

"I’m busy planning my stand for the National Wedding Show at the NEC this year. It’s going to be bigger and crazier than ever and I can’t chuffin wait!!"


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