Supplier Focus- Ms Moo Makeup

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Welcome our second instalment of our supplier focus blog series where we are talking with some of our very talented suppliers. We hope to show you a bit more about what the have to offer and what to expect from our hand picked creative wedding dream team when attending Tying The Nott wedding fair on the 3rd March 2019.

In this post we are talking to Sali of Ms Moo Makeup who is returning to Tying The Nott again. She was also the makeup whizz on our amazing Tying The Nott photoshoot!

Business name: Ms Moo Makeup
Business owner: Sali, aka Moo


Tell us the story of your business and how long has it been running

"Ms Moo Make Up started when I began doing makeup for friends who were doing alternative clothing modelling, and from there people would see I had done the makeup and asked me to come do more for their projects! I was set against doing wedding makeup as I thought it would be too stressful, but it turns out I’m actually a pretty good person to have around on a wedding morning because I make people laugh and take the stress out of situations by being reassuring and practical thinking. Wahoo!"

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Where did your business name inspiration come from?

"Salimoo had been a nickname for such a long time, so then that became Miss Moo but I had a friend who was called Miss Rain (now Luna Photography) so I changed it to be Ms Moo and I’ve been Ms Moo ever since! I often tell people to call me Moo if they don’t remember me as Sali – I’ll answer to a lot of different names!"

What is special about your product / service?

"I always joke that I’m too laid back to be in business. I’d rather make sure that my customer service was tip top than be overly formal and bandy around being super straight-laced. I am professional, don’t get me wrong, but I’d rather you remember me for being personable and friendly. With great trust, comes great make-up :)"

What can couples expect from you and your business?

"For me to be relaxed, laid back, funny and calming. That’s what my brides have said about me in the past! I will bring you a little bubble of calm on the wedding morning and you’re going to have all the puns and one liners thrown out there to make you smile. I want you to feel like you’ve an additional friend with you on the morning of your wedding, not a stuffy professional who’s care and attention isn’t solely on you. I only do one wedding a day, just for that reason. I’ll stay with you until you’re sure you’re ready to walk down the aisle."


What makes your business stand out from the crowd?

"I’m probably the only make-up artist that’ll turn up on a wedding morning without makeup on! But don’t judge me based on that; you tell me when you look in the mirror if my wearing make-up affects my skill or how you feel about your face."


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What is your most memorable wedding moment?

"I couldn’t pick one, honestly! I think doing wedding make-up for friends is always special because I get to enjoy the rest of the wedding instead of leaving before the ceremony. I absolutely LOVE looking through people’s wedding photos because once the bride leaves to go get married, I don’t get to see anything else."


What is it you love about being in the wedding industry?

"I get to make people look good and feel good about themselves. There’s very few businesses that can say that’s the job, and it’s so satisfying. It’s worth every pre-5am alarm I’ve ever set and more."


 What are you looking forward to most about exhibiting at Tying the Nott?

'I don’t usually do wedding fairs, but I did Tying the Nott in February 2018 and knew straight away afterwards that I’d do another if it was arranged. It was relaxed setting, all the suppliers got on and pitched in together and then all the brides to be that attended were lovely. It’s a much more relaxed atmosphere than other wedding fairs I’ve been to where it’s all been about the hard sell. Tying the Nott doesn’t encourage that either!"

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