Supplier Focus- Star Ceremonies

Photo by Owain Turner

Photo by Owain Turner

Welcome to the next instalment of our supplier focus blog series. Here we are looking at another supplier who has been with us since the beginning. We had a chat with Evelyn of Star Ceremonies about all the wonderfully unusual and personal ceremonies she has helped bring to life.

Business name: Star Ceremonies
Business owner: Evelyn Silver


Tell us the story of your business and how long has it been running

“It all happened organically. I came across a celebrant course, not even knowing what a celebrant was, and it was as if a light went on, that this was exactly what I wanted to do and it would bring together all my skills and experiences! I trained four years ago with the Fellowship of Professional Celebrants and with Dead Good Guides and have never looked back!”

Where did your business name inspiration come from?

“ Reaching for the stars! Which is exactly what my couples do when I work with them to create the ceremony of their dreams!”

Photo by Nenagh Watson

Photo by Nenagh Watson

What is special about your service?

“As an Independent Celebrant, I can offer couples a ceremony anywhere and at any time they want, e.g. on a beach at sunset, in a wood, an old ruin, a historic building, or even in their own back garden. Symbolic ceremonies such as a Sand or a Unity Candle ceremony can be included, and I absolutely love doing Hand fastings and Jumping the Broom!  Couples can have as much tradition and/or creativity as they wish. I also always tell the couple’s story, after all that’s what they’re celebrating with their wedding.”

What can couples expect from you and your business?

“Dedication to creating unique personalised ceremonies reflecting who the couple are. I spend a lot of time with my couples and am on hand the whole time, so by the time we get to the ceremony we’ve already got a good relationship. It makes it very special to have your ceremony officiated by someone you know.”

What is your most memorable wedding moment?

“A Surprise Wedding disguised as a joint 30th birthday party. Absolutely no-one knew it was going to happen (except me) as the couple had kept it secret for two years! Everyone went wild when it was announced. It was so exciting!”

What is the most quirky wedding idea you have seen?

“Marrying a couple in the sale ring of a cattle market! (It had been cleaned!). I was in the auctioneer’s box and banged the hammer when I pronounced them husband and wife! They were a great couple, the groom worked at the cattle market, and they created their own tradition of jumping over his personal cattle stick at the end of the ceremony.”

Photo by Chris Senior

Photo by Chris Senior

 Who and what inspires you and your business?

“The couples I marry! Being a part of such an intimate, special life event and celebration of love and commitment. It’s such an honour to learn about the couple’s story and help them create a personalised, meaningful ceremony that’s just right for them.”

What is it you love about being in the wedding industry?

“Support, networking, and learning.  I love meeting people who have interesting, creative ideas. It’s also great that more and more people are now understanding about celebrant-led weddings and how personalised they are and that the sky’s the limit.”

 What are you looking forward to most about exhibiting at Tying the Nott?

“Meeting couples who want to do their wedding their own way, with their own ideas! I love being able to display and chat to people about resources for symbolic ceremonies. I really enjoyed last year’s Tying the Nott and it’ll be great seeing such a lovely bunch of people again. I felt that this was a wedding fair where I really fitted in.”

 Any exciting plans for the future of your business you would like to share?

“More and more fantastic, creative, personalised, meaningful ceremonies! And a bigger, better online presence.”

Photo 1 by Lisa Devlin, Photo 2 by Nenagh Watson, Photo 3 by Sarah Salotti, Photo 4 by Ross Robertson

Where can couples find you?

Want to meet Evelyn in person and work out how to have a ceremony personal to you? Make sure to grab your tickets to Tying The Nott on the 3rd March 2019 here.